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Did you know?
An average stock broker makes Rs. 12 cr annually in the Nepalese Stock Market.

This is because of lack of competition, bribery, and nepotism inside the capital market. This prevents other brokers and banks from getting licensed.

Because of this, these brokers get to abuse retail investors by delaying their payments or stock order in their TMS.

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Its not uncommon!
Every 2 in 3 investors have faced the broker abuse at least once while buying and selling shares.

However, when buying and selling shares, every broker immediately requests for the payment or transfer of shares respectively.

So why does the halt actually happen that delays your settlement?

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Market Manipulation!
The only logical argument:

Stock Brokers hold your money that comes from selling of stocks and use it to pump other stocks. Thats is why the market is extremely volatile!

Similarly, they hold your stocks that come through so that you are unable to sell them. When the broker exits their security through a dump, the retail investor suffers .

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whenever you don't receive stocks or payment.

When you don't receive a settlement within 48 hours of your transaction (T+2), you can file an application to the Security Exchange Board.

Due to the caused delay, you are legally compensated 20% of your transaction amount in addition to your settlement.

Hence, make those who are responsible, pay.
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Investors make a broker. Brokers don't make investors.

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